Cooperation agreement

April 5th, 2016 - on the premises of ELEMONT Ltd, Opole, which provides the design and execution of comprehensive electrical and telecommunication installations in the expansion of Opole power plant, a cooperation agreement was signed between us and the T. Kosciuszko School of Electrical training, Opole.

ELEMONT was given the status of ‘patron’ of the electrical school.

The established of a framework for cooperation is related to the organization of internships, apprenticeships and practical classes for students in the electrical industry through which they acquire necessary knowledge and practical skills. In addition to this, our company also allows you to acquire experience in other sectors, such as: offer creation, purchasing and design.
Furthermore, we enable the observation of activities related to the implementation of projects commissioned by organizing topic-related visits for students and teachers to our premises.
The opportunity for development also includes classes and specialized courses in the electrical industry to increase the employability of students.
Cooperation also involves co-organizing training courses, internships and apprenticeships for teachers in new technical and technological solutions within the electrical industry.
Bearing in mind how important good facilities are for effective education our company is committed to tailoring school equipment and teaching aids necessary for the examination centre of the electrical industry. At the same time, the school is forwarded information, materials and publications of new innovative technical solutions and technology for electrical engineers and electricians.
We have also implemented the educational project “Holidays with energy” aimed at students who want to spend their holiday gaining valuable experience and additional qualifications. Participation in the programme gives you the opportunity to see investments in different parts of Poland ‘close up’ – those for which our company takes part in. There are both theoretical and practical classes. The programme concludes with a test, and after passing it the student will receive certification of the newly acquired skills.

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