ELEMONT is going to support another school

ELEMONT is going to support another school

Cooperation agreement between the company and the Opole University of Technology

Participation in scientific and innovation projects and development of knowledge and competence regarding the technologies applied are the main objectives of the cooperation agreement between our company and the Opole University of Technology, the largest university in the region. The document was signed this year, on 19 December by the President of the Management Board of ELEMONT Sp. z o.o., Tomasz Sadowski, and the vice-president for research, Prof. Marian Łukaniszyn.

The agreement sets out a wide range of activities, including education, research and professional development issues. The lectures and seminars, as well as internships and scientific practices for the best students of the university, are being planned. The ELMONT company also wants to help students through supporting carrying out project topics and diploma theses. Outstanding graduates can count on finding employment in the company.
The company representatives will have the possibility to propose changes to the curriculum so that it would meet the expectations of the labour market.

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